Healthy Eating at Parties

Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend! Oh gosh, just thinking about all those wings and nachos makes me excited yet anxious at the same time. First read this post on enjoying food >>Have your Cake.  You can definitely enjoy yourself, but don’t go overboard…  No need to stress! Here are 10 tips to handle the party scene when you’re a “healthy eater”.


1. Eat a snack before you go. Never show up to a party starving. This will lead you to binging on things you really shouldn’t eat. Have a simple snack before you go like an apple and almond butter or veggies and hummus.

2. Fill half your plate with veggies. Veggies are pretty awesome! As long as they aren’t covered with cheese or fattening dressings or sauces…

3. Avoid junk food. Pigs in a Blanket, potato chips, creamy dips, those triple chocolate brownies… Stop and think if you really want it or just your emotions talking. I did a small post on Facebook about emotional eating, read that here >> Emotional vs. Physical Hunger.

4. Take a look at the food table before starting to fill your plate up. You can “plan ahead” this way. You’ll know what’s there and what you want to put on your plate (what you should put on your plate), so you don’t fill it up with the junky stuff.

5. Focus on the event, not the food. Take your focus off of the food, mingle a bit and keep yourself distracted from cravings.

6. Don’t sit or stand near the food. If you do this you’ll find yourself mindlessly munching on those potato chips and dip I told you to avoid in #3.

7. Keep yourself hydrated. Fill yourself up with water. Drink water before you go, and between bites of food or alcoholic drinks.

8. Watch your alcohol intake. Or, just skip it altogether. You can still have fun without alcohol! Trust me! If you do choose to drink, limit yourself and avoid drinks mixed with soda or sugary juices.

9. When it’s time for dessert, have some fruit! Or a fruit-based dessert.

10. Don’t forget to have fun. Regardless of how much you eat or drink – don’t sweat it. It’s a party. You’re allowed to have fun sometimes! Never beat yourself up for stepping out of your eating plan and enjoying yourself. Just don’t make a habit of it.

Bonus tip: Offer to bring a dish! If you make a healthy dish at least you’ll know there will be something for you to eat.


Do you have any party tips for healthy eaters? I’d love to hear them! Tell us in the comments below & find AmandaSabWellness on Facebook!

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