Best Way to Store Fresh Herbs

I love to grow my own herbs, but I find it harder to do / don’t have the space for it during the winter months. Every time I went to the grocery store (about once a week) I found myself buying new herbs. I hated throwing out the old ones after a few days. I knew there had to be an easier, more sustainable way to keep my herbs fresh. The options below kept my herbs fresh for 3+ weeks!



  1. Wash them. Wash your herbs as soon as you bring them home. Rinsing them in the sink is perfect. Lay them on a layer of paper towels and pat gently with more paper towels to blot away any excess moisture.
  2. Trim the bases by snipping off the bases of the stems and removing any discolored or wilted leaves. Just like you would when bringing home a fresh batch of flowers.
  3. Change the water. Make sure your herbs have fresh water. Changing it every few days worked best for me.
  4. Basil Tip: I found basil prefers room temperature rather than the fridge. Be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight.


  1. Mason Jar. Transfer herbs to a mason jar with an inch of water in the bottom. Cover the top of the jar with a ziploc sealed with a rubber band (if possible). Store in the refrigerator.
  2. Paper Towel. Wet & wring out a paper towel. Place the herbs in the damp paper towel. Wrap them in the towel, place in a ziploc bag and put in the fridge *This method works for lettuce & kale too!

That’s it! Super simple. A little extra time &  prep can get you far in the kitchen 🙂


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