December Favorites

Every month I list my five favorite things that fall into the health & wellness category. They can be anything from a store, a workout class, a book, or even a recipe. Hopefully these monthly posts with inspire you, get you out trying new things, and above all putting your health first!

This month is full of festive parties, usually centered around food and drinks. So my favorites for this month are kitchen essentials to get you through the holidays. Theses are just a few of my favorite things!

December Favorites

#5 Microplane >> This tool is perfect for grating cheese, citrus zest, nutmeg, garlic, etc. It’s smaller than a box grater and fits easily into the dishwasher. This is definitely on my Christmas list! microplane

#4 Glass Mason Jars >> Store flours, seeds, vitamins, cereal, etc. The seal makes them ideal for pantry storage because no bugs can get in and glass doesn’t react with food. I love drinking smoothies and storing sauces in the fridge. I keep my herbs fresher longer in mason jars and they are great for candles or quick vases. There isn’t much you can’t use a mason jar for.


#3 Kitchen Scissors >> Ideal for cutting herbs, green onions, or packages. They have become the “good scissors” in our house. These are also a great way to trim meat. Versatile, sharp and an absolute must-have!


#2 Slow Cooker >> Where would I be without my crockpot?! It gives you a lot of flexibility in the kitchen. You can make something in advance and keep it warm for hours (think holiday dips, sauces, or soups). You can throw a meal together at 7am and come home after work with your dinner cooked and ready. Another plus, slow cookers are generally large and when you make a dish you can freeze a portion of it for later. This makes eating healthy in a pinch much easier.


#1 High Powered Blender >> A kitchen essentials list wouldn’t be complete without this! These are perfect for soups, smoothies, dressings, nut milk, hummus… you name it, the blender can do it. It is fast, efficient and easy to clean. While they are in the higher price range – you absolutely gain a quality with Vitamix or other high quality blender that a normal blender just can’t compete with.



Do you have a kitchen essential you can’t live without? How about on your Christmas list? Tell me in the comments or on Facebook @AmandaSabWellness

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