Defining Well-being

In today’s chaotic world, how does one stay well? Just trying to figure out what steps to take can cause stress. The amount of information out there about diets, supplements, fitness, GMOs, and detoxes can make you go bonkers. It is important to understand there is no single definition when it come to wellness. Well-being is unique to all of us.

There are four components to our overall health that can be assessed. If we notice we are really great in one area but lacking in another, we can make efforts to fill in any gaps to ensure a smoother journey toward achieving well-being.


Body: What are you doing to honor and keep your body healthy?

  • Conscious Movement: Means dedicating a portion of our life to ensuring our body moves and stays fluid. It is important to enjoy your choices, so explore any activities that sound fun or interesting and see what your body enjoys the most.
  • Nutrition: Making a conscious decision to educate yourself and what you are using to fuel your body. I have a simple philosophy: eat food as close to its natural source as possible.
  • Wellness checks: Prevention is key to keeping a healthy body. Stay on track with wellness checks, such as regular screenings and dental exams. Be open to exploring nontraditional forms of healing such as acupuncture and reflexology. It is fun to explore lesser-known methods of care that may be more natural for your body.

Mind: Are you doing things that keep your brain stimulated and calm?

  • Mindfulness: A state of being where you stay consciously aware of your environment and activities you are participating in.  Our thoughts can run endlessly throughout the day and run our lives. Taking moments throughout the day to become aware of your environment, feelings, thoughts, and actions can help center you. When you are centered, you are likely to make better decisions, such as watching less television, eating smarter, and responding thoughtfully to stressful situations.
  • Learning: Try to always stay open to learning more about things, as well as keeping yourself open to others and their perspectives. Regularly step out of your comfort zone and explore a new experience. 

Heart: What makes your heart fill with joy?

  • Love: Ensure you are interacting with those you love and let them know they are important to your well-being.
  • Unconditional Positive Regard: Unconditional positive regard is defined as “the basic acceptance and support of a person regardless of what the person says or does.” Suspending judgment, so to speak. Try to cultivate this practice next time someone pushes your buttons or you find yourself judging someone without knowing them.

Soul: Do you have faith in something that is bigger than you?

  • Higher Purpose: We find meaning and contentment in our lives by contributing our resources to some higher purpose or something that we believe is what we are supposed to support.  Dedicating our time to those things that bring us joy will help us on our path toward feeling we live with purpose.
  • Service: There is something extremely powerful about embodying an attitude of service. Regardless of your personal situation, there is always someone who can use a bit of help, whether that be kind words or active volunteerism.

In the end, we are all unique, and what brings us peace and joy will look different for every person. Well-being is really about accepting who we are, understanding our role in our own circumstances, and living as authentically as we can. If you can approach your life with a sense of ownership and self-care, then you are well on your way to achieving well-being. The most unselfish thing you can do is to fully love and honor yourself. When you are in this place, you are able to offer much more for the world.


What is your definition of well-being? How do you fully love and honor yourself? I’d love to hear your thoughts! tell me in the comments below or find me on Facebook @ AmandaSabWellness

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