Bootiful You!

It’s that time of year when having witch hair and warts is ideal. Get back to the BOOTIFUL you after the costumes are gone. Certain foods you eat have a huge impact on the quality of your hair, nails and skin.  Below are 10 foods that will make any vampire fall at your feet (except maybe the garlic).


Sparkling Teeth

 Cranberries: They  contain compounds that prevent bacteria from sticking to teeth and gums. They are also great  for your urinary tract. Take cranberry pills daily if you are prone to UTI’s

Tip: Don’t substitute eating the berries for drinking cranberry juice as it’s full of unwanted sugar which actually destroys the tooth enamel.

Raisins: Raisins are a source of phytochemicals, which may kill cavity-causing plaque bacteria. Some compounds in raisins also affect the growth of bacteria associated with gum disease.

Healthy Hair

Salmon: A dry scalp is annoying and painful, plus it doesn’t look that great. Salmon is full of Omega-3, fatty acids, vitamin B12 and iron, it helps maintain a healthy scalp.

Spinach: Simply eating more spinach and broccoli will help your hair stay in great condition. Packed full of vitamin A and C, these vegetables will keep your hair looking strong and healthy.

Clear Pores

Acai berries: Deep red foods like acai and pomegranates are full of powerful antioxidants which help maintain blood flow to the skin. This blood flow promotes maximum cell turnover to keep your pores clear, leaving you looking fresh-faced.

Tip:  Acai berries make a great addition to any smoothie. Also, try pomegranate seeds in salads as an easy way of getting them into your diet.

Green Tea: This powerful antioxidant has anti-inflammatory properties to stop pimples from popping up. But don’t substitute natural green tea with bottled iced teas as they are full of added sugars and calories. Green tea is said to also help speed up your metabolism.

Younger Looking Skin

Garlic: Garlic is widely recognized for its ability to enhance the body’s immune cell activity, and the faster your skin renews its cells, the better and younger it will look.

Avocados: Delicious and great for skin and hair. Vitamin E and a high ‘folate’ content helps skin cell regeneration and encourages scalp circulation. The B-complex vitamins also help soothe skin that’s blotchy or irritated.

Tip: Avocado is also great for making a face mask with by scooping out the fruit and mixing it with an egg yolk. It’ll leave your skin feeling younger and supple.

Non Puffy Skin

Blueberries: Vitamin C, potassium and multi-minerals – berries, especially blueberries, are packed with anti-oxidants which keep skin looking young and healthy. The potassium helps with fluid balance to fight puffiness.

Bright Complexion

Tomato: During the winter months our skin can end up looking dull. Tomatoes contain antioxidants that help fight off cell damage and will leave your skin more pinkish and bright looking.

Tip: Tomatoes are also great to eat if you’re heading out in the sun. Their age-defying ingredient lycopene which gives tomatoes their beautiful red color has been found to help protect against sunburn.

BONUS: All Around BEauty Tip

Drink Water: Without enough water, toxins get trapped. This affects the skin and starts the ageing process. Drink lots of water and eat water-rich foods like cucumber, watercress, tomatoes and spinach.

Tip: Hunger is often mistaken for thirst, so make sure you have a big glass of water before you eat as it’ll help you gauge when you’re full.


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