The Breakfast of Champions is Not Cereal…

breakfast importance

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been told that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. While it is irritating to be reminded of such a basic principle, it is the truth…

We’ve all been there, hit the snooze button, can’t find something to wear, run out the door, without breakfast. Next is Starbucks, a grande latte, and a muffin bigger than your hand. Muffins are healthy, right? But there’s blueberries in them?! Nope. Or maybe you just don’t have time in the AM to whip up a meal. I get it, we’re all busy. If you change one of your daily habits – eating breakfast every morning will be the most beneficial. Here’s why you need to eat breakfast and never allow yourself to skip “the most important meal of the day”.

Your Memory

More than one study done on adults found those who had nothing for breakfast underperformed on short-term memory tests compared to those who’d had their first meal. Think coffee will give you the buzz you need? One study used a group who’d only had coffee. Their memory test results were poor too. You need actual food.

Your Energy 

The longer you go without eating, the more your body starts to slow and shut down. Food is your body’s main energy source, just like gas is for your car. Without it, thoughts, speech and reaction time slow and come to a standstill. 

Your Concentration 

Your brain does an interesting thing when it hasn’t had food for many hours (say the time between you go to bed and decide to grab lunch), it starts focusing on storing the energy it has left.  This is when you start to lose your ability to concentrate. Not to mention headaches and hunger pangs start to take your focus away from what’s really important.

Your Impulse Control 

Studies show that when you don’t eat breakfast, you tend to look for high calorie, complex-carb snacks against your will. Researchers think your body craves the sugar and carbs because they’re a fast source of energy — they take less time to break down. If you don’t eat breakfast, you’re more likely to go for the Snickers in the vending machine.

Your Heart 

Researchers have also proven that adults who have a years-long habit of skipping breakfast tend to have higher cholesterol, higher LDL and higher insulin levels. These can all lead to heart disease and diabetes.


Breakfast Tips: It’s not about eating something, anything, shortly after you wake up. It’s about eating the right things. Love that breakfast bar you grab every morning? Your body and brain don’t. Stock up on the following instead: real fruit (for smoothies or as a snack), oatmeal, yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs, and whole wheat breads. You can pair any of these things together for a breakfast that works and prevents all of the previously outlined issues. Hard boiled eggs are great for a grab and go, make them the night before.Cottage cheese in an avocado is delicious. Don’t have time in the morning to make a smoothie? Make it the night before, give it a quick shake in the morning and you’re good to go.


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