One Day Detox

Raise your hand if you’ve ever overindulged in sugar, junk foods, and/or alcohol. Guilty over here! Those occasional indulgences are an important part of living a healthy, balanced life. When I have a few long nights or just can’t say no to the sweets table (my weakness), I like to take extra care of my body the following day to get back on track. This, for lack of a better word, detox should help you feel better in no time!


When looking for a detox, all I ever find are juice cleanses or things I didn’t want to eat. Not to mention, would leave you on the toilet for a few hours… This detox isn’t depriving, you can find most of the ingredients in your cabinet. And you don’t have to plan your day around your bowel movements!  Having a positive attitude about the detox and reminding yourself that this is what your body needs, will make the whole day more enjoyable.  Please share this with anyone you think would benefit from it!


The only beverages you should include on your detox day are the lemon & ACV tea and lots of water. Stay away from coffee today, you’ll enjoy it  even more tomorrow when you’ve gone without it for a day.

When you wake up: Lemon water. Mix 8 ounces warm water with half a lemon (freshly squeezed) to hydrate your body and stimulate digestion. You can also add apple cider vinegar for extra oomph. Apple cider vinegar is naturally detoxifying and has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Meditation: Set yourself up for success and quiet your mind with a 10-minute meditation. To settle yourself before you begin, take 10 deep cleansing breaths. Not sure how to begin meditating? Check out my blog post << Meditation Made Easy >>

Breakfast: Start your day by filling your body with antioxidants. The perfect way to do this is with a green smoothie! Since this is a “detox day”,  try to go for organic fruits and veggies. On a budget? The dirty dozen list from my grocery guide will help you pick and choose your organics.  My favorite smoothie combo is below:

  • A handful of spinach
  • Cucumber
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Pineapple
  • Banana

Optional Mid-morning: Feeling hungry? Go  for a few pieces of fruit: apples, pears, oranges, & blackberries are a great choice and in season this time of year. 


Focus your first meal of the day on two foods that are well-known detoxifiers: greens and garlic.


  • Option 1 – Dark leafy green salad:  Add as many different colors as you can to your salad including a healthy fat, like avocado. Avoid store-bought dressings as they’re often filled with preservatives and hidden sugars. Dress your salad with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and the other half of your lemon from the morning.
  • Option 2 – Lightly saute some greens and garlic with olive oil and egg whites. If you are still hungry, have a handful of unsalted, raw almonds

Exercise: Go for a light 20-minute walk outside after lunch, without your phone or other distractions. This would be a great time to practice mindfulness.  <<What exactly is mindfulness?>>

Mid-afternoon: Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Now would be a great time to guzzle down an 8 oz glass of water. If possible, take a 20-minute nap. Short naps, meaning  20 mins max, are a great way to give your brain a much-needed time out and recharge for the rest of your day.


Dinner: Keep it simple while focusing on whole foods and simple clean carbs like quinoa, brown rice, yams or sweet potatoes, and simply prepared (broiled, steamed or baked) lean protein like organic, free-range chicken or turkey breast, or wild-caught fish. 

Evening Treat: Drink a cup of tea. When buying at the store, make sure your tea is caffeine free. 

Gratitude / Meditation: Write down three things for which you are most grateful today. The practice of writing  has a way of activating the pleasure centers in our brain. After, add in another 20-minute meditation before drifting off to sleep.


That’s it, simple and easy! Don’t beat yourself up for enjoying special occasions – just get back to your daily plan and give your body a little extra support with these easy to follow steps. Notice how your body feels after just one day of avoiding common food triggers like gluten, corn, dairy, caffeine, and sugar. Cheers to a happier & healthier you!

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