September Favorites

September 1st marks a new beginning for some. The first day of school, starting a new job, the  change of seasons. This is one of my favorite times of year! With the start of a new season, comes a new blog feature, that I know you will love. Every month I will list my five favorite things that fall into the health & wellness category. They can be anything from a store, a workout class, a book, or even a recipe. Hopefully these monthly posts with inspire you, get you out trying new things, and above all putting your health first!

SEPtember Favorites

#5 Store >> Marshall’s.  With brands like Nike, North Face, and Prana at 1/2 the price this is my go to place for workout gear. Forget putting half your paycheck to a pair of leggings that you’re just going to sweat in, save money and checkout the athletic wear section at Marshall’s. 


#4 Podcast >> ACE FitCast 15 minutes to wellness. This podcast features expert guests in health, psychology, science, fitness, and many other fields, offering their valuable insight on health and wellness. Listen to it in the shower, walking the dog, or even cooking dinner. I love how the episodes are short and to the point. The podcast isn’t updated regularly anymore. With only 44 episodes, you can become a healthier & happier you in just a few weeks. 


#3  Meal >> Food in a bowl. This is the current star of the healthy food world. You’ve probably seen a lot of these on Instagram. From spoonable smoothies to macrobiotic bowls full of veggies and grains these are a great breakfast option or take it to work. Stay tuned this week for a macro-bowl recipe!  (Image from Well & Good

smoothie bowl

#2 Book >> Intuitive Eating. My programs are based on this book and I love everything about it. It teaches us to love ourselves for who we are and eat to nourish our bodies. There is no need for diets or restrictions. Listening to what your body needs is the key to a lifetime of healthy eating. To further explore intuitive eating, please visit my website and schedule a free consultation –

intuitve eating

#1 Class >> Marissa Jayne Yoga. Saving the best for last. This is my very dear friend of 20+ years. She started her yoga business a little over a year ago and has done amazing things with it. Marissa incorporates doTerra essential oils into her teachings. Her classes are an experience you don’t want to miss. In 2016, she will also be offering some pretty cool healthy, mindful living workshops on chakras and mediation. Amanda Sabatino Wellness will be a guest host in December! I  attend her yoga classes twice a week, if you are in the Chicago area I highly recommend you check her out! Website:



Do you have a favorite health & wellness themed event, book, store, etc? I’d love to hear about it! Tell me in the comments below or on Facebook @AmandaSabWellness.

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