Tears at the Gym

I had the best workout of my life this week. I was working with my trainer, we increased all of my weights and I was able to run almost twice as long as usual. It was a good day. I was so proud of myself! I called my husband, my mom, etc. – pretty much anyone who would listen. I was sweating from places I didn’t know were possible and I felt great. It didn’t matter that my face was the color of a tomato or I was dripping wet, I had accomplished a goal. I was worn out, but it was worth it. Now, this isn’t going the direction that you’re expecting. I didn’t cry that day, I was proud of myself but it wasn’t Olympic medal winning proud.


Fast forward to the next day. On Tuesday, I was supposed to meet my workout buddy and trainer for a quick session. My workout buddy hadn’t been at the gym for a few weeks and my trainer asked if I would go for moral support. Well, workout buddy cancelled and it was just my trainer and I yet again. We did easier exercises but I was worn out from the day before. I knew I could handle another day of workouts but my body didn’t have the same idea.

Our session included running stairs, which is normal. The first set – I killed it, second set – eh… I was okay, by the third set of stairs my body had given up and I just walked down. Shortly after, during leg exercises, I hit my wall and was exhausted. The tears just started coming. “I can’t go any longer…” I sniffled while doing lunges. Luckily, I was working with my trainer, so the session turned into moral support for me. She didn’t tell me to stop, she’s seen what I can do. We took it a little slower, but I still did the usual workouts.

Even though I was “near death,” as I told my trainer, I still finished out strong. I was able to finish the hour-long session because of her.  And that makes me even prouder than the day before. Yes there were groans, slow movements, shaking, and even tears. But, I can say I pushed myself as far as my body can go. Being the exercise lover,  I enjoyed every minute of it. I went to the gym today with a little extra pep in my step. Yea, I cried while doing lunges the day before, but at least I worked my butt off and didn’t give up.


So what’s the point of my story? Find someone to push you. Its doesn’t have to be a trainer.  A best friend, a work colleague, significant other, whoever it may be, find someone to go though this battle with. Build your own support team.  Without my trainer and workout buddy I would have given up long ago. Even though I enjoy this, there are always those days. You need someone to help get you to that extra mile, lift that last set, or convince you to keep going while your crying and sweating…  And if you don’t have anyone, I am here to help.



As a Health Coach, I help you accomplish your health and wellness goals. Are you sick of starting over and need to be held accountable? Do you need someone to keep you motivated and give you that extra push? That’s what I am here for. Let me help you find your version of healthy!

Details >> AmandaSabWellness.com

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