Why YOU Need a Health Coach

The health of America continues to decline despite the amount of money spent on health care, high-technology medicine, and educational efforts. Diabetes and obesity rates continue to sky-rocket among adults and children.

68% of Americans are overweight or obese

Less than 3% of doctor visits are spent discussing nutrition

70% of deaths are caused by chronic illness each year

1 in 3 adults worldwide have high blood pressure

$2.3 trillion is spent on healthcare, yet only 2% goes towards prevention

Unless we wake up and take responsibility for our own health and nutrition, the pattern will continue. As a health coach, I will listen to you and guide you in making choices in food and nutrition that will improve your health once and for all. I will help you make small changes that build up a lifetime of good health.
healthy habit
 Here are the top reasons from Mind Body Green on why you need a health coach:
  • You don’t understand why you have gained the weight. 
Over the years the extra few pounds have stayed on you, but you are not eating any differently. There are many dietary changes that you need, but you don’t know where to start. A health coach will help you identify the easiest changes to make today that will make the biggest impact on your health.


  • You have cravings that you don’t know how to handle so you end up eating. 
You figure that you don’t have any control over the cravings so you just give in, every time, year after year. A health coach will help you identify the cause of the cravings and enable you to beat your cravings or binge eating.


  •  The people around you are overweight or unhealthy. 
If your family and friends look like they are at an unhealthy weight or don’t feel healthy, you might be hanging around people who aren’t aware of what good nutrition changes are needed. You might be one of those folks. A health coach can help you decipher the truth about what is healthy and what is not.


  •   You want to lose weight fast, so you are considering which diet to try. 
Strict diets usually don’t work. First you severely restrict yourself, and when you lose the weight, the diet ends and you don’t know how to eat on a normal, daily basis. A health coach will teach you how to make healthy decisions one meal at a time!


  • You don’t have enough time for yourself. 
There are only so many hours in a day and you simply don’t have any time to devote to yourself for pampering, exercise, or to cook. A health coach will help empower you to finally take care of yourself.

love yourself

  •  You are stressed out with family and work responsibilities. 
If you suffer from stress or anxiety, a health coach will teach you about the relationship between stress and chronic disease, how to reset your priorities, and how to get your stress under control.


  • Your family needs to eat better but you aren’t sure how to accomplish that with what you know or the time you have. 
There are cookbooks, diet books, commercials, restaurants, and products labeled “healthy” on the market, and you need to improve your and your family’s diet. That’s what a health coach is there for!


  • You are confused about whether meat, protein, carbs, dairy, produce, or GMO foods are healthy.
Every existing diet conflicts with every other diet. How can you tell what is healthy for you? A health coach will help you determine what foods are healthy for YOU and what will work for YOU.


  • Nothing has worked before so you continue to gain weight or have chronic health issues. 
If you suffer from black and white thinking, chances are you have given up because nothing you have tried before worked. If you have gained weight, or if you are suffering from chronic health issues that are blood sugar-related, high cholesterol, blood pressure, inflammation or arthritis, or other health issues, you may be able to improve your health quickly through food and nutrition. A health coach can help you wade through the mountains of nutrition research to figure out what works for you and your health.
If this list isn’t enough, check out this article from Everyday Health:

For group and 1:1 health coaching info, visit my site amandasabwellness.com

My packages have several different price points and can be tailored to fit your needs. Message me today and we can discuss what would work best for you!

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