Eggplant Recipe

This Saturday would have been my grandma’s 96th birthday. We lost her in 2013, yet her memory lives on. We see her in the sunshine, smell her in the flowers, and feel her presence at family gatherings. My grandma was quite a cook, most of my favorite foods were cooked by her. From noodle salads mixed with miracle whip, to steak roll ups complete with a pickle inside. They weren’t the healthiest options, but they brought joy to our family. Just being around grandma made you smile. Even when her health was failing those last years, her presence just put you at ease.

One of the recipes that my family loved was her eggplant. My mom started making it, then my sister, and now I make it for my husband – if there’s any left when he comes home. Teehee! It’s a really simple dish that can be eaten by itself, topped with pasta sauce, or a great side dish. This week we had plain eggplant with a salad and a few weeks ago put the eggplant on top of pasta. The options are endless. My favorite is eating it right out of the pan with a little bit of salt. 

Disclaimer: When I come across a recipe, I typically just read it over and use it as a base. I don’t pay much attention to measurements and add my own “pizzaz”. Anybody else do this? When I cook, I like to create. Because of this, a lot of my recipes don’t have measurements with them.. I just add what feels right. This recipe is the perfect example of that.  Experiment and see what works for you!




1-2 Large Eggplants (thinly sliced)

Whole Wheat Flour 


4-6 Eggs

Garlic Powder

Parmesan Cheese


2 Tbsp Olive Oil

In a dish, combine equal parts flour and breadcrumbs.

In a separate bowl, combine eggs, garlic powder, parmesan cheese, and salt & pepper.

(1) Toss the thinly sliced eggplant in the flour mixture. Be sure to coat both sides and brush off any excess flour. (2) Dip the coated eggplant in the egg mixture. Also, coating both sides and shaking off any excess egg.

Add the eggplant to a preheated pan (2 Tbsp Oil). Let the eggplant slightly brown on each side. Add extra oil to pan, if needed. Once slightly browned on both sides, let cool and ENJOY!


My favorite recipes are always the ones that come with family history. I love hearing the stories about great grandma’s cooking all day, mom’s signature dish, dad’s favorite pasta, etc. The greatest gift you can pass on to loved ones are recipes. Share these with your family and create new ones to pass on to your children.

This eggplant recipe was from Dorothy, may she live on in our hearts for years to come. Happy Birthday, Grandma! 

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