Healthy Grocery Tips

This past week, on Facebook, I have been highlighting healthy grocery tips from my FREE Grocery Guide. Here is the complete list from the past few days.


Look for a Short Ingredient List

Try to stay away from packaged foods with a long ingredient list. Many of those ingredients are various kinds of sugars and chemical additives. They “enhance” the look, taste, or shelf life of the food but have no health benefit. When you find food with a long ingredient list, try to find a different brand with fewer additives. The fewer ingredients, the better! If you can’t find a shorter ingredient list, then you shouldn’t be

Learn What “Organic” Means

The organic label is earned through a certification process. For fruits & veggies – they must be grown without genetically modified seeds, fertilizers made from chemicals, chemical pesticides or herbicides, and irradiation. For Meat – Organic means the animal may be fed only certified organic feed and no by products of other animals. The animals can’t be given hormones or antibiotics. They must be allowed access to the outdoors and treated humanely. It’s not necessary to eat organic ALL the time – do what you can. A great list to go off of is the EWG Dirty Dozen / Clean Fifteen.


Know the Serving Size

Even though I am not one to encourage counting calories, you should be knowledgeable on the topic. Many nutrition labels are designed to make you think you’re getting fewer calories than you are. Nutrients are listed on a per serving basis. For example, if you saw “100 calories” on a candy bar that contains two servings and you ate the whole bar, you are actually ate 2 servings worth at 200 calories. Disclaimer: You shouldn’t be eating candy bars, anyway…

Do a Final Check

Before you go into the checkout line, step to the side and check your cart. Make sure your cart has visually 50% fruits & veggies & 25% lean protein. Also, check for enough healthy fats – avocados, nuts, seed, nut butters, etc. You are only has healthy as your last grocery trip!

These extra 5 quick tips will take you to expert status in no time!

grocery tips


These tips and more are a part of my FREE Mini Grocery Guide which you can find here >> <<

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