Active Living

I focus my health coaching business on the idea of balance and active living. I briefly talked about a balanced life in my previous post, Get Holistic with your Health. In order to be truly healthy, one must find balance in all areas of their life – physical, mental, social, etc.

So what is active living? I like to think of it as a circle. Once all parts of your life are active, everything just flows.

active living


Active living means living to the best of your ability and putting your health first.  It involves physical activity, fueled by healthy eating and positive thoughts.  Active living builds physical and mental health, helps people develop the skills and capacities needed to lead independent lives (especially as we get older), and brings benefits like better sleep, higher energy and opportunities to get out and be involved with other people.

active, healthy, happy

Today I want to focus on MOVE your body. Find an activity that not only gets you moving, but makes your soul feel good – going for a nightly walk, playing with your dog in the park, hiking in the woods, etc. Park further away at the grocery store or walk somewhere instead of driving (also good for the environment). Every little bit of movement helps. You don’t have to be an athlete to live an active life. For example, a person who walks to work and climbs the stairs, instead of taking the elevator, may also consider herself to follow an active lifestyle.


What will you do today that constitutes living an active life? how will you MOVE your body? Share with us in the comments below or on FACEBOOK.

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