Piyo is a workout created by Beachbody coach Chalene Johnson. It’s a combination of Pilates and Yoga, and perfect for those nights when I need to stretch but looking for a more fast paced combination. This is great because I can just pop in the dvd and do a 30 minute routine without leaving the house. Piyo gives you the same stretches and movements as yoga but at a faster pace.

Photo Courtesy: Yogajellies


With Piyo , you get the best of both worlds. Your core is engaged throughout the entire workout and your whole body feels more connected with just one session.  After two weeks of doing Piyo, I already see and feel my muscles getting stronger and my flexibility has drastically gotten better. Throughout the videos they do modifications for beginners and build you up to advanced. The best part about the program is, it’s for everyone! This is from Chalene’s Facebook page:

“I developed #Piyo for people who hate to stretch, need definition, want to burn calories and need to improve their flexibility. It’s NOT yoga. It’s NOT Pilates. There are no rules… There’s no one universal way or wrong way to do things...You do what works for you, stretch where you need it, hold it or move, do what’s right for you, your body, your needs, your physique, your goals.”
You can purchase Piyo through my Beachbody site HERE

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