Water Quick Tips

I can’t stress enough the importance of water in your daily life. Especially with warmer days upon us… You know those cramps in your legs at night? Never feeling full after a meal? Daily headaches? Or heaviness in your stomach due to constipation? I had several of these issues until recently, when I learned that all of this can be solved with, you guessed it, water.

I’ve always been a water drinker. I had it with meals and would carry a bottle around occasionally.  I went to Target and bought a 64 oz. jug and fill it twice a day – especially if I had a high intensity workout that morning. My skin is smoother, my hair is softer, and I’m usually not “starving” once lunch or dinner rolls around. I found this info-graph below, which shows us just a few ways water can help with your daily life.

Photo Courtesy: stayinghealthy.org


Not a big water drinker? You need to start now, every little bit helps. An easy first step is try to replace one drink a day with water. To aid in digestion, try drinking before and after a meal, not during. Quick warning: You will pee a lot… for real, a lot! So be prepared. Your pee will be clear or it can have a light yellow tint. It should never be dark – that means you are dehydrated and should drink a glass or two immediately.


How many glasses of water do you drink a day? Are you getting enough? Try to keep track and send me a shout out on FACEBOOK or comment below with your total amount.

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