Green Smoothies!

I try to drink a green smoothie every morning with Arbonne Vanilla Protein Powder after my daily workout. On days when I’m not feeling green, I’ll opt for a fruit smoothie instead, also with Arbonne Protein Powder.

green smoothie ingredients

I always put these three ingredients in my green smoothie (romaine, spinach, and cucumber). After these are blended, I’ll add fruit, Protein Powder, Digestion Plus, and lemon juice before blending a final time. 

Any fruit can be added into a green smoothie, a few of my favorite fruits are listed below:


Kimberly Synder was the first person that really got me into green smoothies. Her followers call them GGS – glowing green smoothies. Her recipe is what I use as a base every morning.

GGS spill

One of my favorite summer activities is sitting outside in my yard, mid morning, after a workout and sipping on my smoothie. Hearing the birds chirping and letting the sun warm up my bones is my peaceful moment before the excitement of the day begins. Unless, I spill my smoothie everywhere like in the picture above, then I just sit and enjoy the sun.

GGS yoga

Having a green smoothie every morning will change your life for the better. It helped with my digestion and gave me “glowing” skin. My energy levels every morning are through the roof and It fills me up until lunch time.

What will the green smoothie do for you?


For more info on Arbonne protein powder & Digestion Plus, visit my Arbonne page, or send me an email!  It’s my go to drink every morning, perfect for replenishing after a workout, and all your daily nutrients in one glass.

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